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Thursday, August 25, 2011

As school opens in L.A....

Supt. John Deasy's back-to-school speech gets cool reception. 
Administrators also have expressed worries about Deasy's strong ties to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — a staunch critic of some district labor groups — and to charter-school supporters as well as to philanthropists and donors critical of public school performance. --   Howard Blume, L.A. Times
Is the Man from Gates looking over his shoulder at the imported-teacher scandal he helped create before he bailed from P.G. County? Deasy and school officials there, turned to hiring from abroad. Since 2005, Prince George’s County Public Schools actively recruited more than 1,000 of the school district’s 9,000 teachers from other countries, mainly the Philippines.
When one teacher blew the whistle on the school district, the Department of Labor in 2007 launched an investigation. In a ruling last month, the Labor Department said Prince George’s schools are a “willful violator” of labor laws and sentenced the district to pay the teachers $4 million in back wages. However, the district also was barred from sponsoring new visas or even renewing visas for the existing international teachers. -- AFL-CIO Now Blog
At the SOS March in D.C., the international teachers of Prince George’s marched in solidarity with all the other teachers, students and parents from across the county

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