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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boehner says, "guess who's coming to dinner?" It's Mike Madigan

Madigan (L) & Boehner
“The press never picked up on it,” Edelman said about how his group had endorsed twice as many Democratic candidates as Republicans. Those endorsements were a strong indication to Madigan, however, that they were clearly favoring him. “Luckily, it never got covered that way,” Edelman explained. “That wouldn’t work well in Illinois. Madigan’s not particularly well liked.” -- Illinois Times
Now this from today's  Sun-Times (8/24/11)
Talk about strange bedfellows.
Two weeks ago, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) came to Hinsdale to raise money for Republicans to fight the congressional map drawn under the direction of state Democratic Party chief and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. The very next night, the congressman broke bread with Madigan (D-Chicago) at a fund-raiser for Boehner’s leadership fund at the Lemont home of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Chairman Terry Duffy. Madigan’s little-known appearance has left partisans in both political camps in a state of disbelief.
Remember, it was Madigan who helped Stand For Children and Jonah Edelman engineer the passage of anti-union bill, SB7 in Illinois. He's also currently leading the grab of the teachers pension fund.  So these bedfellows are not as strange and they seem. 

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