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-- Bob Dylan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch: Public ed is a "near monopoly"

Gates & Murdoch
Last year, Rupert Murdoch, owner of the world's second largest communications conglomerate, went on a tirade against U.S. public education, calling it a "near monopoly." It wasn't clear if Rupert meant that as a compliment or criticism for only achieving near status. 

Murdoch has also referred to public schools as "failure factories." He sounds an awful lot like Bill Gates or Arne Duncan who often refers to inner-city high schools as "dropout factories".
The days of America as the unrivaled world leader in public education seem to be gone, Murdoch said. He called the existing system a “near-monopoly” and said teachers aren’t being hired and fired based on performance. “We have tougher standards on ‘American Idol,’” the singing-competition TV show on his Fox network, he said.-- Bloomberg


  1. mike,
    while watching CNN coverage of the Murdochs' grilling today, i couldn't help but notice Joel Klein sitting right behind James Murdoch.
    He's the new head of the new Education division at News Corp. now. Why do you think the pr people and lawyers wanted him always in the picture? What message would that send to the US? It wasn't for the UK audience, I don't think he is very widely known there, do you?

  2. Maureen,
    Klein is a fixer. He was the lawyer who led the fed suit against Bill Gates and Microsoft and in the end, made it go away. His pictured association with Murdoch is intended to protect Murdoch's many interests here in the U.S. and to promote News Corp's investment in so-called education "reform."