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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Following the Charter Dollars

A report from the Louisiana School Boards Assoc. reveals many of the hedge-funders and ownership society forces behind the current charter school movement. 

Following the Dollars
The DeVos are joined in the outspoken group of billionaires who proclaim publicly that they favor ending government involvement in education. Among the biggest contributors are Richard Mellon Scaife (owner of the Pittsburg Tribune Review), and the Koch family foundations. Other foundations include Olin, Bradley, Smith Richardson and the Walton family who join in the drive to eliminate public education.

The DeVos family also helps finance Family Research Council, and Focus on Family. Betsy DeVos is sister to the founder (Erik Prince) of Blackwater (now Xe Corp.) the private security firm that has become one of the largest supplier of mercenary soldiers in the world.
Also see, Where Hedge Funds Meets Charter Schools by Ricardo Kaulessar at HedgeFund.Net
Published:August 10, 2011

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