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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rahm and Rauner ride the same money train

There's a Republican Party in Chicago. It's called the Democratic Party.

Among it's top leaders are Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Republican candidate for governor, billionaire union buster, Bruce Rauner. Both are backed by the same wealthy corporate donors, especially those who are corporate school "reformers" and public school privatizers like Ken Griffin and Eric Lefkofsky —both on the 2013 Forbes list of billionaires. Members of Chicago’s Crown family, which has an estimated worth of $4 billion, also contributed to both campaigns. The Crown family also contributed to former Mayor Richard M. Daley. They have no problem with either's Democrat or GOP labels.

Remember, it was Griffin, J. Crown and Rauner himself who were among those who bankrolled the teacher union-busting group Stand For Children's incursion into Chicago.

Today's Sun-Times shows how both Rauner and Rahm ride the same corporate money train.
An analysis of campaign contributions since Emanuel ran for mayor and since Rauner launched his gubernatorial campaign shows an overlap of more than 100 campaign contributors...Chicago-based political consultant Don Rose said there’s another reason that goes back to an old idiom: “The common interest of which we speak is neither red nor blue but green. 

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