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Monday, March 10, 2014

No Austin City Limits at Rahm's fundraiser in Texas

Cash cow for Rahm's Texas pals.
What's Rahm doing at SXSW? What else? He's stuffing his election war chest at an Austin fundraising party put on by a group of heavy hitters who do bazillions in business up in Chicago.

According to Sunday's Trib:
The event will be held Monday evening at the home of Charlie Jones, one of the co-founders of C3 Presents, according to an invitation to the fundraiser that Emanuel campaign consultant John Kupper provided when contacted by the Tribune. Also listed as hosts are C3 co-founders Charles Attal and Charlie Walker. The concert promotions company has run Lollapalooza since 2005. It signed a contract with the Chicago Park District in 2012, during Emanuel's term, to continue operating it until at least 2021.
Other hosts at the Austin fundraiser include Ben Barnes, former Texas lieutenant governor and founder of political consulting, lobbying and crisis management agency Ben Barnes Group, which has offices in Austin and in Washington, D.C. Wyeth Wiedeman, a partner at the firm, is also a host, as is venture capitalist Tom Meredith, the former acting chief financial officer of Motorola and former CFO of computer giant Dell Inc.
Wow, 16-year run (hopefully Rahm will be long gone by 2021) and they pay virtually no taxes to the city. Who gets contracts like that these days? Well, the 3 Charlies do. Okay, I know what you're thinking. The mayor promised not to take any campaign contributions from from city contractors.

No prob, says Rahm flack Sarah Hamilton who claims that the rule does not apply in this case because C3 Presents has its deal with the Park District -- not the City. Oh and Emanuel's travel to Texas will be paid for by the mayor's political campaign and not taxpayer dollars, says Hamilton.  Uh, yes, but that's a few hundred bucks he laying out in order to raise millions.

A difference without a distinction, you say? Tell it to the judge.

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