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Hang around a ink well
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If anything is goin' to sell
-- Bob Dylan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Milwaukee targeted as next New Orleans-style "recovery zone"

Milwaukee's public school system, already hit hard by devastating budget cuts and teacher firings, has become the next big urban school system to be targeted for privatization. MPS, the home of the nation's first crippling school voucher system, is now threatened with a New Orleans-style "recovery zone" where dozens of public schools would be handed over to private companies to operate with poorly trained, non-union teachers.

Right-wing privatization groups, like WILL, are also trying to force MPS to sell off school buildings or hand them over directly to private charter school operators in what would be one of the largest real estate swindles in city history.

Among the groups vying for a piece of the action is Rocketship Charter Schools, owned by tennis player turned ed entrepreneur, Andre Agassi. Eight Rocketship schools are expected to open in Milwaukee, and plans to enroll about 4,000 students.


In response, a large demonstration is planned for Saturday, September 21, sponsored by Parents for Public Schools, Women Committed to an Informed Community, the Wisconsin Alliance of Excellent Schools, the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association and dozens of other groups. Students, parents, educators and friends of public schools from around Milwaukee and across Wisconsin will assemble at Milwaukee High School of the Arts at 10:30 a.m., then march across the 16th Street Bridge to Forest Home Avenue School, where a rally will commence at 1:00 p.m. to proclaim the civil right of every child to a world class public education. Teachers and public education supporters from Chicago and other cities are expected to march in solidarity.

Attached is a flyer and list of co-sponsors.

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  1. Corporate 'reformers' push for charter schools is the most obvious admission that the voucher privatization experiment is a failure.

    If spreading public dollars thinner between TWO school systems was a failure, spreading them thinner still to a THIRD set of schools will be a disaster.

    Let's concentrate funds on the one (and only) school system that is open to all students and DO THAT WELL.