Get sick, get well
Hang around a ink well
Ring bell, hard to tell
If anything is goin' to sell
-- Bob Dylan

Monday, September 30, 2013

Look who's running the Lab School

I must have conjured her up. No sooner did I post  about the new, private GEMS Academy opening in Chicago with a tuition of about $30K ("Good News Rich People"), than their competition over at Lab School, hires a new director. Guess who?

It's none other than Robin Appleby. Who's that, you ask?
Before coming to Lab,  Appleby lived in Dubai, where she ran four campuses of the Global Education Management Systems American Academies consisting of 5,000 students. In that role, she also served as Superintendent and CEO of GEMS Dubai American Academy, an American and International Baccalaureate school comprising 2,300 students, representing 100 countries. -- Hyde Park Herald
Rahm must be so pleased. Now his kids can get a world-class education. John Dewey must be turning in his grave.

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