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-- Bob Dylan

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yuck, Tuck

Marshall Tucker Band
When I first got this news from a friend in L.A.,  I thought she was talking about Marshall Tucker, the S. Carolina piano tuner after whom one of my favorite '70s bands ("Heard it in a love song") was named.  But alas, it was about Marshall Tuck, the corporate f*%k, who just announced he's running for State Supt. of Education in California.

Tuck is the head of the Partnership for LA Schools and former Green Dot Charter exec. He's also big in the so-called Parent Revolution, the group behind the so-called "Parent Trigger", one of the great hoaxes ever played on public school parents and their children.

Tuck will be running against the incumbent Tom Torlakson, who I'm sure will be baited for being a "union lover" (a Class 1 felony in some parts of the state). Tuck will most likely have a huge pot of money in his war chest coming from the likes billionaire boys clubbers like Broad, DFER and other corporate reformers.

According to the L.A. Times:
Under Torlakson and Gov. Jerry Brown — who also enjoyed teachers union support — the state has bucked national trends in education policy. Top state officials, for example, have resisted efforts to make students' standardized test scores a major component of a teacher's performance evaluation. 
Running against Tuck, I wish him luck.

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  1. As a school counselor in Texas, I have observed the decline in our school environment over the past 30 years, to what it is today: "institutional abuse".

    The punitive authoritarian environment that has resulted from the obsession with performance ratings and data uses the same methods of Behaviorism that are used for training dogs and zoo animals. This is not teaching, it is punishment. Children are suffering soaring rates of anxiety and depression from the chronic stress for which they are not developmentally prepared to process. This anxiety and depression will become hard wired into children's personality. CCSS is causing mental illness on a grande scale.

    After writing numerous professional articles and OpEd for the Austin American Statesman, few politicians in Texas listened. Therefore, I wrote the same message in the rhyme of Dr Suess, which may be more familiar, since politicians only read sound bites: I hope California will recognize this "wolf in sheep's clothing" called Common Core: