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Monday, February 4, 2013

Where are the federal prosecutors? Are Rahm, Rangel too big to take down?

UNO Soccer Academy Elementary Charter School 
The Sun-Times is doing all the heavy lifting on this one. Another expose of the sickening blend of school and City Hall corruption that is driving Chicago's so-called "school reform." Closing possibly hundreds of the city's neighborhood schools and handing them over private charter school prifiteers like UNO's Juan Rangel has become the centerpiece of Rahm Emanuel's citywide gentrification plan.

S-T reports:
More than one-fifth of the taxpayer money spent on the Soccer Academy Elementary project went to four contractors owned by family members of UNO’s political allies and a top executive of the group, records show...The state money that UNO got is powering the organization’s rapid expansion and helping solidify its growing political might at a time the city school system is facing a budget crisis and talking about closing schools. 
Here's the comple list:

It's what happens when you put a patronage-minded mayor of America's most corrupt city, in charge of the public schools and turn public education into a wing on City Hall. There has never been a city more in need of an elected school board.

And where are the federal prosecutors on this one? Are Rangel and UNO too big to fall?

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