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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Education reporting the way it's supposed to be done

Congratulations to Colin Woodard, recipient of a 2012 George Polk Award for Education Reporting for his special report, "The profit motive behind virtual schools in Maine."

Woodard writes:
Internal K12 Inc. emails obtained last winter by Seminole County Public Schools and forwarded to investigators suggest the company was using uncertified teachers in violation of Florida law, even after being warned by officials not to do so. K12 operates the Seminole Virtual Instruction Program for the district. The content of the emails was confirmed by Seminole County school officials...
..."So if you see your name next to a student that might not be yours it's because you were qualified to teach that subject and we needed to put your name there," Samantha Gilormini, K12's Florida Virtual Program project manager, wrote Seminole County teachers in February 2011. One teacher, Amy Capelle, balked at signing the form and pointed out that only seven of the 112 students listed on her form were actually hers.

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