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Friday, July 8, 2011

How Stand For Children, Jonah Adelman, Jo Anderson, others with millions in corp backing, took IL unions for a ride.

Stand for Children's Jonah Adelman (right).
Fred Klonsky says, "It’s too bad there is not a transcript of the Aspen video of Stand For Children’s Jonah Edelman’s presentation. It could be studied in every Local and Region in the IEA."
He says their ability to raise $3 million dollars from the Chicago corporate community allowed them to “jam it down their throats.” When they met in the lame duck session following their electoral victories, Edelman says that the IEA and the IFT were willing to discuss all the issues they would not discuss just six months earlier. In fact, he says they “gave away” in the first minutes of negotiation what it took the entire struggle in Colorado to accomplish, where they eventually destroyed collective bargaining. Edelman says the cave-in was led by the IEA. “It has a history of pragmatism,” he says. -- Fred Klonsky's blog
Go to the 22 minute mark on the video where he describes, in glowing terms, former IEA Executive Director Jo Anderson, Jo’s son who runs Chicago’s Teach for America and Audrey Soglin.

* Since this was posted, the video was pulled from the Aspen website. Here is the transcribed version, thanks to Parents Across America. 

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