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-- Bob Dylan

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another anti-teacher film backed by Anschutz

Major studio films with celebrity stars have become the latest weapon of choice in the war against teachers and public education. It all began with Waiting for Superman and will be followed-up with the September screening of  Won't Back Down, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as a parent and Viola Davis as a teacher who work together to organize support for a petition to overhaul the school and resuscitate it academically. The more than obvious parallel here is with the so-called Parent Trigger scheme which enables a small group of petition-signing parents to turn a public school over to private operating companies.

Both films are bankrolled by borderline fascist billionaire Philip Anschutz, an anti-union fanatic whose homophobic views would make Chick-Fil-A owner Don Cathy blush.

Anschutz' ownership of The Washington Examiner, a daily tabloid, and The Weekly Standard, probably the nation’s most influential conservative magazine, provide the outlet for his extremist views on taxes, national security and President Barack Obama that the 130 or so companies he owns don't.

Anschutz' propaganda films are slick and sophisticated. But we did a decent job of debunking WFS. I look forward to even stronger critiques of WBD.

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