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-- Bob Dylan

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The turnaround business is booming

Reading WSJ's Market Watch, one can only conclude that the turnaround business is booming.

 In L.A. Revolution K12, a rapidly growing web-based adaptive software division of Revolution Prep, has joined with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools to help sixteen of its middle and high schools improve student outcomes in math and English Language Arts. The Partnership is the first school system to implement Revolution K12's full product line, a $1 million investment over two years. 

In D.C. they're even turning around charter schools that were supposed to replace the "failed" public schools. What's next? I suppose there's even a market for new turnaround companies that can turn-around the turnarounds. You listening, Chris Whittle?

According to a study authorized by Mayor Gray,  more than 40 percent of the city’s 78,000 public students attend publicly funded, privately operated charter schools, the largest concentration in the nation outside of New Orleans. At current rates of growth, a majority of the city’s public enrollment could be in charters within three to four years. Gray contracted with Chicago charter school lobbyists, the Illinois Facilities Fund, to do the study, showing that despite all his anti-Rhee election rhetoric, the mayor is basically a corporate reform guy in the mold of his predecessor, Adrian Fenty.
The Washington Post describes the Chicago group as, "a nonprofit organization based in Chicago" that "will conduct what amounts to a supply-and-demand analysis....  The study’s genesis could make it controversial in a city where public school advocates say that heavy private and corporate support for charter schools threatens to marginalize the 123-school public system."

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