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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rahm gives Daley's daughter a job

Mayor Daley’s daughter Nora Daley Conroy, and son, Patrick, attend his finally City Council meeting. | Brian Jackson~Sun-Times
Look dad, I'm an arts commissar!

Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel gave a gift to outgoing Mayor Daley. He gave Daley's daughter, Nora Daley Conroy a job as chair of his Cultural Affairs Advisory Council. Emanuel says he hopes Conroy will serve a “critical role” in helping the newly-merged Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, carry out its core function of engaging Chicago’s diverse artistic communities.”  Maybe it's just me, but this pick doesn't sound all that "diverse" if you get my drift.

He also chose a Joyce "Foundation official, Michelle Boone to lead the merged departments. There's nothing new here except the fact that there's nothing new here, despite all the usual Rahm campaign talk about "reform."

What's this got to do with schools? The mayor runs the schools. The Joyce Foundation is one of the main underwriters of corporate school reform in Chicago, ie. Renaissance 2010. Joyce also funded Emanuel's transition committee. The mayor's wife Maggie, ran Gallery 37 and After School Matters, which became a conduit for patronage contributions for businesses wanting city business once the Shackman Decree officially banned patronage. A former director for Gallery 37, Boone also serves on the board of the Arts Alliance Illinois, Grantmakers for the Arts and other community-based arts organizations.

You see where this is going?  To any school reform groups, teachers or schools looking for funding for initiatives that aren't in line with the mayor's version of school reform, all I can say is, good luck.

OR hire Eddie Burke's law firm

Speaking of doing business with the city, check out the list of companies seeking contracts from Mayor Rahm, who are also clients of  Eddie Burke's law firm. Burke also happens to be the most powerful alderman on Chicago's City Council:

In 2009, Burke reported 34 law clients that did business with the city. Last year, he added five more. 

The list includes: Avis Budget Group; AT&T; Bank of America; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois; Brandenburg Industrial Service; Centerpoint Properties; Centrum Properties; Cole Taylor Bank; Columbia Michael Reese Hospital; Commonwealth Edison; Community Housing Partner XI, L.P.; Dominick’s; Elenco Electronics; Fifth Third Bank; Friedman Properties; Greater Southwest Development Corp.; The Habitat Company and Harris Bank.

Burke’s client roster also includes: Humana, Inc.; Imperial Realty; Jewel Osco; JP Morgan Chase Bank; K-Five Construction; Kenny Construction; Marc Realty; MB Real Estate; New West Realty; Northern Trust; Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Seaway National Bank; Southwest Airlines; South Shore Plumbing & Heating Supply; Standard Bank & Trust; T Mobile; U.S. Equities Realty; Union League Club of Chicago; Walgreens; WBBM and Wentworth Tire.

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