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Monday, February 9, 2015

Quazzo's desperate letter to her troops. She's a walking billboard for an elected school board.

Rahm's hand-picked school board member Deborah Quazzo is pissed. She gives a bunch of "no comments" to Sun-Times reporters Lauren Fitzpatrick and Dan Mihalopoulos, in their latest expose of her companies. They reportedly raked in another $1.3 million from CPS-funded charters, including: Noble Network of Charter Schools, Urban Prep Academies, KIPP Chicago Public Charter Schools, LEARN Charter School Network and Perspectives Charter Schools.

She says, she can't talk about it because she is under investigation by the IG. But in private, she's making plenty of noise.

"Enough is enough", she threatens in a letter to her corporate friends and supporters as she tries to rally the troops in her behalf. I got a copy of the letter this morning. In it, she blames all her "unwanted publicity" on the Chicago Teachers Union, and a well-coordinated media conspiracy to defame her.
That said, with another story in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times, I have now been featured in that paper seven times (including three front page stories) since December 22nd – as well as having had my office picketed by the Chicago Teachers Union.  The ink was not even dry on the initial cover article before an editorial was published the very next day calling for my resignation.  It is likely no coincidence that there is a City Club debate on the issue of an elected school board on Monday.  The seeming coordination is remarkable. 
She is a "private person", she says, "who has never sought publicity – favorable or otherwise" and is only serving on Rahm's board because she wants to help "all children". I don't blame her for wanting her dealings with CPS schools to remain in the dark. But maybe she should have thought of that before assuming a public position on the mayor' appointed board.

Most of Rahm's corporate backers protect their city and school board contracts simply by tossing a few grand into his already over-stuffed campaign fund or super PAC. They don't feel the need, as Quazzo obviously does, to sit on a board where they will attract public scrutiny.

She closes the letter with a paean to the mayor, an attack on "adult agendas" and a call for her hedge-fund friends to write angry letters on her behalf to the Sun-Times.
 Under the passionate leadership of Mayor EmanueI and the leadership at Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Public School students have a longer school day, access to full day kindergarten, and expansion of STEM and IB education among other initiatives.  Great progress is being made, as is seen in virtually all measures, but we still have a long way to go.  
I believe it is time for Chicagoans, and, individuals who care across the country, to stand up united against any force that distracts from our core mission – a better future for all Chicago’s children.  Adult agendas are driving focus away from what we should all care deeply about – the welfare of and future opportunity for ALL of Chicago's 400,000 students and for that matter all children in our country.  As an initial step towards that goal, I would so appreciate it if you would take a minute and express your views to the leadership at the Chicago Sun-Times.
She includes their names, pictures and contact information. 

Quazzo sounds pretty desperate. I think she's toast. Too much baggage for Rahm to carry. She should do the right thing and step down. Right now she's a walking billboard for an elected school board.

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